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hog island osprey portraits


hog island osprey portraits

Stunning views from the nest and some dramatic shots of the osprey on Hog Island.

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hog island osprey portraits

The Audubon operates an ornithology camp on Hog Island near Bremen, Maine. The camp, which has been operating since 1936, and offers bird watching and nature walk trips.

Hog Island is home to more than just osprey birds; Arctic Terns, Loons, Eiders, Hummingbirds and Northern Parulas are just some of the 200 species of birds that live on and around the island.

There are two osprey nest cams on Hog Island. The original cam shows the nest ospreys Rachel and Steve, and is located on top of a 30-foot tower. The second Osprey nest camera is located on a boat house.

Hog Island's ospreys spend the winter apart, but when spring comes again the couples reunite and start up where they left off, mating, laying a clutch of 2-3 eggs and raising their chicks to fledge. All of this action can be viewed live on Explore's osprey cam.

The ospreys bonding will lead to upwards of 160 mating attempts through these next few weeks that will eventually produce a clutch of two to four eggs. The eggs will hatch after an incubation period of 35-42 days and both parents will feed themselves and their chicks a fish-only diet. While watching the osprey cam, you may notice are under nearly-constant parental watch to keep them safe from


location: Bremen, Maine

best hours: 7:00am - 7:30pm

time zone: Eastern Time

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Stunning views from the nest and some dramatic shots of the osprey on Hog Island.