bird cams | hog island osprey portraits


hog island osprey portraits

Stunning views from the nest and some dramatic shots of the osprey on Hog Island.

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  • location: bremen

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bird cams: hog island osprey portraits

After wintering in South America the Hog Island Ospreys have returned to Maine, settling into their Hog Island nest. The pair, nicknamed Rachel and Steve, arrived home in late April and have begun their courtship rituals; Steve is gathering sticks and soft nest lining materials such as lichensand bark and Rachel is using these prepare the nest for eggs which are expected any day.

Osprey are the only birds of prey whose diet consists almost entirely of fish. Rachel will do most of the incubating and during this time, Steve will provide her with most of her meals. Their bonding will lead to upwards of 160 mating attempts through the weeks that will eventually produce a clutch of two to four eggs. The eggs will hatch after an incubation period of 35-42 days. During incubation and chick rearing, the eggs and chicks are seldom left alone- even at night to protect the chicks from predators. About fifty days after hatching, the young begin exercising their wings then take their first practice flights from the nest. In early September, the young will begin their solo journey from Maine, heading south along the Atlantic Flyway, passing through the Caribbean to winter in South America.


location: Bremen, Maine

best hours: 7:00am - 7:30pm

time zone: Eastern Time

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Stunning views from the nest and some dramatic shots of the osprey on Hog Island.