Community Guidelines (“explore”) is a destination of trust, integrity, and learning. We want this to be a respectful and safe place for exploration and sharing.

These community guidelines will provide a practical and ethical guide for using explore as well as setting forth explore's official policies on acceptable community behavior and community rules.


We strongly encourage you to find people and organizations that share your interests and connect with them here. The more you get involved, the more you will enjoy the rewarding experience that explore can provide.

Here are some tips, suggestions, and information to keep in mind when commenting, contributing, and participating on explore:

  • Speech

    The Internet is a wonderful place, but it can also provide people with the means to insult and harass others without taking the full responsibility for their words. A community that allows that type of behavior will quickly deteriorate, so we ask that while you are on explore you conduct yourself in a respectful manner. You are of course free to disagree with what other people post on explore, but you are not free to attack people simply for your amusement. In other words, if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it on explore. Anyone who cannot follow these community guidelines may be removed immediately in exploreís sole and absolute discretion.

  • Flagging content

    Community members have the option to flag your posts if they believe something may be in violation of these community guidelines or our Terms of Use found at Once a flag has been sent in, the explore team will carefully review the item in depth before taking action. If a post has received multiple flags, it may be removed and then reviewed. However, we do reserve the right to immediately remove your posts, comments, and profile from explore whether it was flagged by a community member or identified by explore staff as a violation of community standards.

  • Spam

    Advertising, self-promotion, and repeated posts of the same content - even a well thought out comment - are all considered spam on explore. This is not just limited to the news stories, blog posts, photos, and videos that you post on explore; it also includes your activity in private messages and sharing.

  • Password protection

    You are 100% responsible for any activity that happens when someone is logged into your account, and all activity that occurs at that time will be associated with your username. We advise that you keep your password safe and secret.



You may only have one account per person. Multiple accounts for the same user will be removed.


You may not post videos, photographs or other content that contains sexually illicit material or pornography.

You may not post media, comments or other content that incite hatred, include hate speech, or depict extreme violence.


You may not post or upload commercial videos (videos that sell or promote a product or service).

You many not post or upload videos that contain any ads before or after the video unless given explicit permission from explore Annenberg LLC. Videos with any advertisements in them, including links to commercial sites, regardless of content, will be removed.

Businesses or individuals may not use explore to promote their business or commercial venture in any way. Businesses or individuals may not use explore to host their videos if they have advertising on their website.

Please review the Community Standards and User Conduct section of our Terms of Use for more information on the content you can post on explore and acceptable behavior while using explore. If you have any questions regarding these uploading guidelines, please contact us.